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Collect. Give. Measure.

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Intelligent giving

The fact is that, in New Zealand, there are people who are born disadvantaged, or become disadvantaged through no fault of their own. We have a social responsibility to help them.

With Due Drop and our evaluation process, we can deliver that help where it’s needed. We carefully analyse each charity we support to ensure your generosity will be most effective. Think of us as your funds manager for intelligent and efficient social investing.

Measuring impact

Like you, we’re driven by results. So with a special metrics tool powered by ImpactLab Ltd, we gather data on the results of your donation and actually measure its impact.

It’s an innovative change to traditional ways of giving, and shows the true value of your money. After all, you’ve worked hard for it, so we’ll do the same to ensure it has maximum impact.

Not only does your gifting go somewhere it’s really needed, you actually see how it helps people. What other charitable organisations give you that certainty?